# Backups

Backups allow you to transfer your library accross devices as well as help prevent data loss.

# Backing up your data

# How to create a backup

To create a backup, go to Settings -> Backup & Restore -> Create Backup.

# How to restore from a backup

To restore from a backup, go to Settings -> Backup & Restore -> Restore Backup.

# How to import Tachiyomi backups

To import Tachiyomi backups, go to Settings -> Backup & Restore -> Import Tachiyomi Backup.

# What's included in a backup?

  • Titles
  • Categories
  • Read chapters for titles in Library
  • Tracking settings
  • Reading history
  • Extensions used
  • Settings including app settings and extension-specific settings

# What's NOT included in a backup?

  • Downloaded chapters including local source chapters
  • In-App Purchase, you can restore them using the "Restore Purchase" option.

# Where are backup files stored?

Files -> On My iPhone -> Tachimanga -> backups