# Tracking

Tracking helps you automatically send read chapters to supported trackers, so you can keep track of what and when you read it online.

# Services

MyAnimeList (opens new window), AniList (opens new window).

  • Tracking is manual for each entry.
  • Reading the last page of a chapter marks it as read.
  • Set chapters by tapping or dragging the ticker.
  • Start date is auto-set.
  • Completion status auto-updates.
  • Tracking is one-way: Tachimanga -> Tracker.

# General questions

# How do I log in to trackers?

  1. Go to More -> Tracking.
  2. Tap the desired tracker to begin login.

# How do I set up tracking for each series?

  1. Open the series.
  2. Tap Tracking.
  3. Tap Add tracking for the desired service.


You can also change the search query if there is no match.

# Can't find a series on MyAnimeList?

If you cannot find a series by name, you can look it up on MyAnimeList and then search for it in Tachimanga using the following format: id:<id from series URL>.

You can also search for a series on your MAL profile list by searching in the following format: my:<series name>.